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Ceramic series

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Ceramic series


  1. Enjoy the fresh taste of natural foods
    Ceramic knife has no metal taste and preserves the taste of natural foods when cutting delicate vegetable.

  2. Light and elaborate edge, excellent durability
    Because it is made of zirconia ceramic material, it is light weight and super sharp, never need sharpening.
    it is 12times hard than regular steel.

  3. Convenient cleaning
    Ceramic knife is easy to clean, no rust and for washing, only water is enough to remove even veery heavy smell such as garilic, ginger after cooking.

  4. Anti-rust property
    Non-metal materials of the blade provides strong anto-rust feature enabling hygienic cooking.


Ceramic series

Ceramic filler

Ceramic paring knife
Blade : 102mm

Ceramic santoku knfie
Blade : 178mm

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