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Platinum knife

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Platinum knife


  1. The Finest Blades made in France (T6MoV)
    This finest blades provides the highest strength and cutting performance.

  2. Integral and hygienic handles with ALL-Metal
    A perfect seamless process between the blade and the handle prove a clean and hygiene to prevent dirt and bacteria.

  3. Ergonomic Design
    Optimal stability and comfort with the design and material that enable effectively cut ingredients using less power.

  4. Rounded Angle and Safety Device
    Rounded Edge at the back and strengthen the safety device on the end of Blade.


Platinum limited series

Platinum limited
Santoku knife
Blade : 190mm

Platinum limited
vegetable knife
Blade : 170mm

Platinum limited
paring knife
Blade : 115mm

Platinum series

Platinum Santoku knife
Blade : 190mm

Platinum paring knife
Blade : 115mm

Platinum light series

Platinum light Santoku knife
Blade : 190mm

Platinum light paring knife
Blade : 115mm

Platinum limited SET 3-1
Contents : 190mm & 115mm & sharpener
DKSF1136-190 & DKSF6136-115

Platinum SET 2-1
Contents : 190mm & 115mm
DKSF1134-190 & DKSF6134-115

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